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On behalf of Rutland Youth Soccer Association we like to thank you for registering in the 12th Annual Kelowna Canada Day Youth Soccer tournament.

While we have had up to 140 teams in the past, we are limiting it this year to about 115. The tournament will be held at two venues only this year. This is to allow us to give you an even better experience.

We are excited to be able to hold Goalie Wars again this year. As you know we can only do this on a three day weekend. This year the tournament will take place on July 1st and 2nd with Goalie Wars taking place on Sunday the 3rd in the morning and early afternoon. More info will be sent to you soon and check the website as well. Note the website is in the process of being updated to a new format, please be patient.

Click Here for the Tournament Rules


Big change (?) this year.

U11 and U12 can have a maximum of 18 on the roster but can only field 16 at each game.

U13 to U16 can have a maximum of 20 on their roster but can only field 18 at each game

U17 and U18 remain the same with 20 on the roster and the ability to play all 20 at each game.

This is more along the lines of other tournaments held in hot climates to allow players to rest if they wish.

FAQ: Accmodation:

You can contact either / both of these for help.

Am I accepted in the tournament?

If you receive this letter then you are accepted.

When will my status change on the site?

Status will change to accepted after we have received your payment only. This confirms to us that you are coming.

What do I do with my roster?

Enter your roster in the GotSoccer site where you registered. We use this to generate the game sheets.

What papers do I need at registration?
If you are from outside of BC you will need copies of all travel papers your district requires for you

to come.
If you are from BC you will need an official signed roster sheet from your district/club.

Do I need ID cards?

They are always a good thing to bring in case there are questions. U11 and U12 typically do not have them.

How do I pay?

You can either mail a check or pay with the Credit Card form that is on the website. Link and Address at the bottom of the page.

Where do I find the rules?

Look under Tournament Format on the site.

What is my age group?

We use Birth year to determine a player’s age (Jan 1 to Dec 31) It is the oldest player on the team.

How are the teams I play determined?

We use the age of the players, Your Tier Level and your positioning in the Tier that you entered when you registered to determine the teams you will play. We try to give you the best competition available. This may mean you move up or down an age group.

Are there medals?

U11 and U12 players will all receive participation medals
U13 and up will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the first 3 finishers in the group.

Why the price increase?

We have had to raise our fee again as the costs keep going up. We are the only tournament we know of where you get Game MVP and Team MVP awards as well as a competition ball. We also try very hard to have 3 officials at every game.

When Is Check in?

Check in is Thursday June 30th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Rutland Sports fields. If you cannot make it please go to the main tent at least 1 hour before your first game at the venue your first game is at.

Some players cannot come or new player coming what now?

Log into you team account on GotSoccer and make the required changes. Don’t forget to change the level and position level of your team if it changes now.


Make sure you read the Tournament Format/Rules document that includes the rules. Remember not knowing the rule is not an excuse.Having fun

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